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Perfect Signs for Opening Day


Perfect Signs for Opening Day

Opening up a new business can be an exciting and scary time. You want to share the excitement of your product or services with everyone, but it’s hard to get out the work that you’re open for business with just word of mouth, handing out flyers or stapling them to phone posts (big no-no in most cities). So, how do you get out the news that you’re open for business?

You can order feather flags to display in front of your business. The sign you choose can be either one sided or two sided. The printable area is large enough to create an attractive and legible display. The material for the sign is washable polyester that will insure the banner will last for a very long time and continue to be an attractive, fade-free display.

Or, if you prefer you can order smaller 9’ signs, which may be preferable in high-end locations that prefer less obtrusive signage. After all, the objective is to bring the locals into your new business rather than drive them away.

If size is not the driving force for your sign, you may prefer teardrop flags that will draw attention to your door and still remain suitable for a smaller display. Sign stands are available for both feather stands and tear drop stands. You can select a spike to post the sign in the grass or dirt, or you can select a cross stand for flat areas. If you chose a cross stand you may want to purchase a water weight to keep the stand from blowing away or falling over on windy days.

After you decide which style and size flag your prefer for your business you will need to decide whether to supply the artwork or use the in-house graphic designer who will listen closely to what you want for your sign and design it for you. Once you approve the sign design and payment is accepted there will be a three day turn around to complete your order.

If you decide to upload your own artwork make sure that you review the artwork guidelines to assure that the material you supply is adequate for their printing needs. Proofs are not automatically provided, but you can request proofs before the work is done. This will add time to usual turnaround time, but if you want that service, it is certainly available.

Perfect advertising flags that let locals know that you are open for business and eager to serve are available for your big day. Visit the website and learn about the options for your sign and to learn how easy it is to order the perfect sign for your big opening day!

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