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Open Your Doors for Business with Exciting Signs to Bring in Customers


Wholesale feather flags are a great way to advertise that your new business is open to serve. Especially on a tight grand-opening budget you will need to use carefully and regard wisely. You can order “Grand Opening” flags that will lead passersby to the door, or you can go a little more and have custom made flags with your store or company name to announce your presence.

It is easy to order wholesale advertising flags online using the order form that allows you to specify the size and type of flag you prefer and you can purchase additional items that will help your display last longer and work better. If you have a small grass area in front of your business you can select a spike to set up your flag. Or you can select a cross stand for a sidewalk near the door. If your area is prone to hard winds, you can add a water weighted bag to support your sign and keep it from blowing away or falling over.

You will find that purchasing advertising flags wholesale really helps with your start up budget and helps to bring in customers. You may prefer medium sized double sided feather flags that will get noticed from both sides of traffic flow. The printed area of the flags are rather large and tall, so there it is noticeable from as far as 100 feet away for passersby to see as the travel near your business.

If you prefer, or if your area is ordinances regarding signs for businesses, you can select a smaller 9’ version or you may even think about selecting teardrop signs. Medium sized teardrop signs are 11’ tall and small ones are 8’ tall. You may choose either single side prints or double sided prints.

The signs are designed to withstand the elements, including fade resistant eco-solvent ink, water and curl resistant material. The polyester cloth is washable so it will maintain its attractive, pristine appearance for years to come anytime you want to set out your signs to increase traffic in your business.

You can elect to use your own artwork, which you can upload online along with your order and payment or you can work with our in-house graphic designer who will work to create a fantastic one of a kind sign just for you. Before sending in your own artwork, refer to the artwork guidelines to assure that your file will work with our printing methods.

Opening a new business is an exciting time in every business entrepreneur’s life. Help make that first big day even better by creating exciting signs that draw attention to your business and encourage people to come in and sample what you have to offer.